Tuesday, May 5, 2009

News Flash!: FOX NEWS Channel Is No Longer Fair And Balanced! (Gasp!!)

It Is Now:

Please bear with me on this one.

About 10 years ago, I was the host of a syndicated radio program on Talk America Radio Networks called "Strictly Books". I was also the producer. And promoter. And anything else you can think of in regards to putting a radio show together. The advantage I had over other talk show hosts: I had been in the book publishing business for 25 years as a book publicist. So I was on BOTH sides of the fence: media on one side, promoting on the other. I used to book authors for programs like the one I had! I knew promotional bullshit more than most.

Along with all sorts of free pre-pub copies (mostly unsolicited and irrelevant) I got an author bio and "suggested questions" sheet. I never referred to them at all. While it was impossible for me to read 20-30 books (PER WEEK), I nevertheless skimmed through and took the stance of a browser at the bookstore. I paid particular attention to any information about the author and joined it to the book's subject matter.

The best response to a question: "Gee, nobody's asked me that before! And THAT'S the real purpose of the book!"

At no time, however, did I ever tell the author or the publisher the slant I wanted or the way the author was going to be presented. The purpose of the program was more journalistic: what did the author want to talk about? If I knew of an opposing viewpoint, I brought it up. The idea was mutual respect: both host and guest have to gain each other's respect from the start. I did it with Steve Allen and I did it with William F. Buckley.

The point is: watch the video below. Radio talk show host Michael Smerconish let's go some serious accusations of Fox bias - with proof. Simply put, the purpose of Neil Cavuto's program is to BASH OBAMA. Fox producer's email to Smerconish:
"Wanted to see if you're available today at 4:05 for Neil's show today. The topic is on Obama and his cockiness. We're looking for someone who will say, yes, he's cocky and his cockiness will hurt him."
And when Smerconish demurs, he gets this:
"What about a debate off the top on the show on whether or not Hillary is trustworthy? We have someone who says she is and we're looking for someone who says she isn't."
"Now, how common is that in cable news, that you only get to appear if you're willing to take a predetermined, precooked, prepackaged position?"

Smerconish's answer, of course, is "pretty often." But the point of this post is: Fox is dead set against airing anything positive about Obama or his administration. They've been ordered to be strictly on the right wingnut side. Their motto/logo still says: "FAIR and BALANCED." Can't it be more truthful? How about:

The Right's News
(What They Want You To Know)
At the Right's Time
(When They Want You To Know It)

Now for fun, let's see Red State Update take on Fox
(and journalists in general):

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