Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Battle Line Drawn: Homophobic FRC Supports Virginia Foxx's Remarks

"I'm sorry my wording was poor."
Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) in an "apology" to Judy Shepard,
mother of hate crime victim, Matthew Shepard*

Since yesterday, Foxx has been publicly skewered for her comments, largely by homosexuals who want desperately to bury the truth about that crime so that Shepard's story can be used to galvanize support for their push to silence dissent from their agenda. The Left certainly has a right to their "feelings" but they don't have a right to their own "facts".

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council.

It's very stupid to intentionally tarnish the memory of anyone deliberately murdered. But it's criminal to frame an obvious hate crime in a way that trivializes the crime.

from wikipedia:

Retired Police Chief of Laramie, Commander Dave O'Malley — who was also interviewed by ABC and criticized the 20/20 report — pointed out that the drug motive does not necessarily disqualify the anti-gay motive: "My feelings have been that the initial contact was probably motivated by robbery because they needed money. What they got was $20 and a pair of shoes ... then something changed and changed profoundly... But, we will never, ever know because Matt’s dead and I don’t trust what [McKinney and Henderson] said."

FRC has always been noted for its extreme homophobia, but to belittle a hate crime as horrendous as what Matthew Shepard endured is beyond the pale.

Perkins has campaigned against the hate crimes bill with such zeal you would think that he just loves the thought of gays getting bashed (personally I think he does). But he manages to put forth his choirboy face (which seems tighter every time we see him) and plead for "equality" "freedom of speech" and "freedom of religion." But only for evangelical Christians - the rest of us can eat sh*t and die.

In appearance, Perkins looks almost lifelike (except for the umbilical chord connecting him to James Dobson), so one can only wonder what goes on inside that drives him to be such a horrendous a**hole. And the way he's treated the Republican Party lately makes us doubt his sanity. The Party's supposed to be FRC's ally. And the more he supports the likes of Virginia Foxx, the more the Republicans will say "Tony who?"

BTW: Take a wild guess as to which University Tony graduated from: ta da! REGENT University, aka Pat Robertson's College of Bible-Thumping Ambulence Chasers.

*Judy Shepard's response: "She's only sorry her syntax was poor."

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