Monday, May 4, 2009

Ann Coulter(geist) vs Sean Hannity vs Rush Limbaugh! Contest: Who Can Be Waterboarded The Longest?

Ann Is So Tough, She Thinks Cheney's A "Wuss"!

Honest. Watch the video below.

Just when we think Coulter(geist) can't go any further, she trumps everyone with a new comment to keep her in the headlines:

On Larry King Live with guest host Joy Behar:

BEHAR: Obama declared very clearly at his press conference the other night that waterboarding is -- is torture.

Now, who are you with, Obama or Dick Cheney, on this?

COULTER: I am with all normal people who have -- who have ever had an older sibling, who have been through a fraternity hazing, who have been on a sports team or who have misbehaved as small children. Nothing we did is in the same universe as torture.

Sean Hannity thinks the same way too. Is Sean married? If he married Coulter, would they waterboard their children? Oops, I forgot, Coulter's waaay past child bearing years and what adoption agency would let them have a child knowing that they'd be subjected to unspeakable horrors?

Didn't Rush Limbaugh also say that waterboarding was like college hazing? No, that was Abu Ghraib. Same thing.


A Waterboarding Contest!

Who can last longest? Who can raise more of Keith Olbermann's money?

Seriously, when someone makes a statement like "Waterboarding is comparable to college hazing," don't you think they ought to back it up with PERSONAL proof? "If you want to prove it, prove it yourself!" There would be hundreds of colleges across fighting for the chance to host the event! The money could go to a scholarship fund! Think of college kids cheering you on!

( a rising chorus chants)

Prove it! Prove it! Prove it! Go Ann! Go Sean! Go Rush! Go! Go! Go!

After all, it's not as if waterboarding were torture or anything. Just a thought.

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