Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Rick Warren Site: Rick Warren Every Day All The Time - 24/7!!

Presenting the lovely and graceful...


... all the news that's fit to print runs out! (OMG! What am I saying? I'll be sick of him within a week. And the stories may run for months! For Years! Sheesh!)

More to the point: this site has been very very popular with the "What next, Rick Warren?" set. Page loads have picked up enormously! But this site is (he writes, with a guilt-stricken face) not strictly Rick Warren (crash!) This is a site covering (sometimes with roses, most times with manure) religion and politics. So those of you who have come because of Rick Warren - you're very, very welcome.

But please STAY! Please include this site in your rss feeds. You won't regret it (O.K., you might if your a masochistic Christofascist or a right wingnut politician who thinks Sarah Palin is God's gift to America and the Republican party).

And if you like the irreverent take on current affairs, use one of the icons to spread the word.
I am also on Twitter and Facebook. So please feel free to connect!

PSSSSST: Easter is coming up and with it the most BLASPHEMOUS, IRREVERENT, SACRILIGIOUS series about Christianity and Entertainment. Starts Easter Sunday, the most blasphemous day of the year!

Thank you! Dan Vojir

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