Thursday, April 9, 2009

FoxNews: Chipping (or Chimping) Away At Their Own Ratings!

Fox Believes in Evolution?
Boy, Will Their Viewer Base Be Pissed!

Fox News always seems to surpass itself when "newsworthy" items present themselves. The "Fair and Balanced" is always at the lowered end of the seesaw, heavy with brilliantly awful commentary ...and not much else. So it is with immense surprise that I noted this article. While Dan Savage invited comments about the article's topic, I latched on to the fact that the premise of it doesn't rest in the fact that primates barter for sex, but that it presents evolution as a fact, if a little misogynistic.

Forwarded from Dan Savage's site with SLOG:

Chimps Exchange Meat for Sex, Study Finds

Wednesday, April 08, 2009
By Clara Moskowitz

The oldest profession isn't restricted to humans. A new study found that wild chimpanzees exchange meat for sex.

By stealthily following a group of about 20 adult chimpanzees in Côte d’Ivoire's Taï National Park, behavioral ecologists Cristina Gomes and Christophe Boesch of Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany carefully noted which male chimpanzees copulated with which females. The researchers found that she-chimps put out more often for males that shared food with them at least once, compared to stingy males who never offered meat. Apparently, buying dinner is a good way to improve the chances of getting lucky on a date, even if you're a chimp. The primates' food-for-sex barter occurs indirectly, over the course of weeks or months, with males seeming to accrue credit with the ladies by plying them with meat killed on a hunt.

Forget the fact that Fox News is normally prurient about sex (even of the animal kind), but to state the findings of an evolutionary anthropologist! Now THAT'S news!

Has Fox turned completely atheist? Is Rupert Murdoch going senile? If the Southern Baptist Convention gets wind of this, will they boycott Fox News? (Problematic: what, then, would they watch for news?). Will chimpanzees boycott Fox News because it implicates them in prostitution? Will chimpanzee hookers tell their stories on "Fox & Friends"?

Stay tuned!

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