Saturday, February 28, 2009

Which State In The U.S. Has (per capita) The Most Dirty Minds?

AND THE WINNER IS...(drumroll)


Give Those Mormons A Great Big Hand!
Or A Breast! Or A ...

What is it with Mormons? Senator Chris Buttars hates gays and adulterers and...well, just about everyone who has sex. The Mormon Church practically pushes men and women to an altar as soon as possible (for more babies or more sex?). FLDS Mormon men want as many Stepford wives as possible, but they'll kill one of their own if they find a magazine under the kid's bed.

The old Utah Boys Raunch didn't allow masturbating, but...

the state of Utah leads the nation in subscriptions to online porn sites!

Isn't it strange to picture a Mormon contributing online to a California Proposition banning gay marriage because he "supports the sanctity of marriage" before he clicks on to a porn site? Yes, that kind of hypocrisy is VERY strange!

Would Senator Christ Buttars openly vote for a ban on internet porn in the state of Utah? (He can't, but just suppose he could).

Utah's motto is: INDUSTRY.
That's it.
I guess it's all inclusive.
That must include the porn industry.
That must include lots of sex for Mormon wives, no?
We ought to take a poll of Mormon wives.

Utah's nickname: The Beehive State
Mormons must hate it: only one wife for all those men? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Damn!

All that hypocrisy! It MUST be the water!

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