Friday, February 27, 2009

Jesse Helms Will Be Raised From The Dead! At Buttars-Palooza!

Utah State Senator Chris Buttars in Buttars-Palooza
Graphic design by Jere Keys

Remember in a previous post I implied that Utah Senator Chris Buttars was a reincarnated Jesse Helms? I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Chris Buttars is in the process of RAISING JESSE HELMS FROM THE DEAD!

He feels Helms can give him the support he needs. Forget the figure of Helms as a zombie, Chris Buttars will raise Helms intact and fully functioning (if, in fact, he ever really functioned - as a human being) . Buttars has had a political past fraught with , shall we say, difficulties: as Executive Director of the Utah Boys Ranch, he presided over what has been termed "The Mormon Gulag" for wayward teens.

Be that as it may, the gays of Utah have decided to have a party in Chris' honor - so to speak. It's called Buttars-Palooza. and it's on Saturday (yes, tomorrow!). To read more about it click here.

Until then, watch what the local FOX station (that's right - FOX!) reports about the situation:

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