Friday, February 20, 2009

GITMO FOR KIDS? Senator Buttar's Idea Of "Tough Love"

Even "Wayward" Kids Don't Deserve This!

The Commercials for West Ridge Academy in Logan, Utah have touching testimonies from parents who relate how their families were being torn apart by their kids who were "out of control" into drugs" "emotionally troubled." Go to You Tube here and here. The one where we hear a choir in the back of a slideshow is particularly heart-grabbing.

So, is it all just bullshit? When you sign on to YouTube, notice the video entitled "Trapped in a Mormon Gulag". It has only had about 1200 views. Now notice something else: the commercials have even less views. Why? Is it just some sort of salacious factor? Trapped in A Mormon Gulag was brought to the public's "attention" more than five weeks ago. Haven't heard of it? Why not?

Something is not right. Not right at all.

The testimonies of some of the "boys" were vastly different than those of the commercials' parents. One of the most telling discrepancies of this whole scandal of abuse is that the Mormon Church denies proselytizing on the grounds of the "Academy" (aka as The Utah Boys Ranch). This is ridiculous: if the only "chapel" is Mormon and there are three Mormon missionaries residing on site, would you call it secular? To ANY degree?
According to the piece in Pam's House Blend:
It is a Mormon-funded and staffed facility, and religious indoctrination is a fundamental aspect of the school. There was sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, suicide, staff corruption, and escape. A major Utah political figure, Senator Chris Buttars, was the executive director
Senator Buttars. Check out yesterday's post (below). Now think of Jesse Helms running a Gitmo for wayward teens. Well, maybe not quite a Gitmo, since the kids were able to run away or were returned to their parents (with a somewhat changed "attitude"). Or if you're in a more compassionate mode, think of Fred Phelps running it. No matter which way you view it, West Ridge Academy is PUNISHMENT dealt out under the guise of "tough love." James Dobson might like it, but most of America won't like it if the truth comes out.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

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Chino Blanco said...

Chris should resign.

Once the whole enchilada becomes available for public consumption, the country is gonna be sickened by his camera drunk performance.

The documentary is coming out in July.

It's one thing if Chris were to appear in that film in the role of a *former* Utah senator.

It's another thing entirely if the audience were to be treated to the spectacle of a sitting state senator spewing this bile.

The choice of reactions is up to the Utah legislature.

July's audience will either think "good for Utah for cutting this crank loose" or they'll think "only in Utah can a jerk like this keep his job."

It's one or the other.

And if it's the latter, it's not like Chris is going to keep his job after July anyway.

Show a little humility and bow out now, or suffer utter humiliation later.

It's up to you, Chris.