Friday, February 20, 2009

Ann Coulter: Too White To Be Clean?

Hey, It's Time For Another Ann Coulter(geist) Bash
- About Something She ACTUALLY SUPPORTS!?!

It's very easy for pundit Ann Coulter to write her columns and books: just figure out who to bash and keep at it until someone calls you a liar and produces proof. It's all so formulaic: who's liberal and popular? Bash them - for ANYTHING! If you can't get Obama on some policy, mention Biden's hair plugs! Insult EVERYONE by going after their icons! Insult! Insult! Insult!

But being formulaic is boring. Yes, Ann Coulter(geist) is boring. What's interesting? Maybe the extreme few she favors, which come down to the number two: herself and something else. So what's the something else?

Posted in Extremist Propaganda by Mark Potok on February 13, 2009

In her latest foaming-mouth tome — Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America, released on Jan. 6 — Coulter spends the better part of three pages defending a group called the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), which The New York Times had described as a “thinly veiled white supremacist organization.” Coulter begs to differ.

“There is no evidence on its Web page that the modern incarnation of the CCC* supports segregation,” she says. “Apart from some aggressive reporting on black-on-white crimes — the very crimes that are aggressively hidden by the establishment media — there is little on the CCC website suggesting” that the group is racist. Indeed, its main failing is “containing members who had belonged to a segregationist group thirty years earlier.”

Oh Ann! THREE PAGES of this? Come on! You know better than that! Their website is obvious and offensive.

Here in their own Statement of Beliefs:

-We believe the United States is a Christian country -We believe the United States is a European country and that Americans are part of the European people.
-We believe in the traditional family as the basic unit of human society and morality, and we oppose all efforts by the state and other powers to weaken the structure of the American family through toleration of sexual licentiousness, homosexuality and other perversions, mixture of the races, pornography in all forms, and subversion of the authority of parents.

So, by extension (in her support), Ann Coulter is: Christofascist, homophobic, misogynistic, racist and anti-immigration.

from wikipedia:

The Anti-Defamation League describes the Council of Conservative Citizens as a "white supremacist" organization. The CofCC is considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to be part of the "neo-confederate movement." The NAACP, League of United Latin American Citizens, SPLC (which lists it as a "hate group") Anti-Defamation League, and even some conservative groups, such as Conservative Political Action Conference, consider the Council of Conservative Citizens a racist and homophobic organization, pointing to its purported advocacy of white supremacy. This view is partially based on the CofCC's statement of principles, which condemns racial integration, immigration by non-Europeans, homosexuality, and interracial marriage.

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