Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today Is The Day: The Ultimate Sigh of Relief!

Inauguration Day. The day that few people will regret.

And those few? Let's take a look at the ones who'll be snarling at TV sets or even asking "What Inausguration? They are the 22% who still think that...

...George Bush did a marvelous job.
... he kept us safe.
... he appointed the best people for high administrative positions.
... he listened to all of his advisers.
... there are still weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq somewhere.
... he spoke to the common man.
... he knew what he was doing.
... he can read.
... Barack Obama is a Muslim (or A-Rab)
... it's okay to shout death threats at campaign rallies.
... Sarah Palin would have made a great President.
... Joe The Plumber is intelligent.
... The Christian Right really is right.
... Armageddon will come when Israel annihilates all the Palestinians.
... Hummers are sexy.
... The National Enquirer is a newspaper.
... Bill Clinton was the country's most immoral President.
... Ann Coulter is a nice person.
... they have to dress up to go to Wall Mart.

22% of the voting population is approximately 26 million people.
Now think of 26 million people who can't think.

Just a thought.

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The Maze Monster said...

and those 22% all live in my neighbourhood too