Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Importance of Being Barack Obama.

He May Not Be A King, But...

January 20, 2009

Today is a day of celebration for millions of Americans. Some would say simply, for America. For beneath the sigh of relief that will be audible to everyone (especially those in Washington) there will be hopes and dreams. All resting on ONE MAN.

Oh, he'll have help, for sure. He knows that he won't be alone. Well, not quite alone. But the next four years will be liberally peppered with "He didn't do this" "He could have done that" "Why didn't he do this?" "Why did he do that?"

He will be asked questions for which he has no answers. He will be in the world's largest and most vulnerable bubble. He will need to delegate constantly, conscientiously and wisely. At times, he will need to seem superhuman, at other times plainly human and humane. He will have to answer to the left, right and center. He will need to beg, plead, cajole yet seem like he is not doing any of those things. He will be held to account for more things than any President before him. He will need to know that every day will start and end with scrutiny by Washington and by the country. He will never sleep soundly for the next four years but must look as if he has.

He will always need to remind himself that he campaigned for this position.

When we see him taking the oath of office for President of the United States, remember that Barack Obama is an extraordinary man, not a benevolent king or superhuman. The man, his family, his administration are NOT the New Camelot.

But the country will sleep better thinking that they are.

Welcome, O King Arthur Barack Obama!

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