Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Sins Of Rick Warren: Sin #1 "Wives Must Submit!"

Attention all wife-beaters! It's O.K.!
Pastor Rick Warren says so!

Sin #1:

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback (mega-mucho-great big) Church thinks God hates divorce so much that he'll let the wife take a beating as long as she "submits" and acquiesces to the husband even if he's an a**hole. To Warren, the only reasons for divorce are adultery (the husband's) or abandonment (hey, if the guy's not around who's there to submit to?). Those are the only reasons because they are the ones listed in the Bible.

Abuse is no excuse.

Then what, pray tell, is a battered wife to do? Pray. And if the beating is REGULAR, then you can separate while BOTH you and your husband seek holy guidance.

What is a good enough reason ivorce? Well, according to Rick Warren’s Saddleback church, divorce is only permitted in cases of adultery or abandonment—as these are the only cases permitted in the Bible—and never for abuse.

As teaching pastor Tom Holladay explains, spousal abuse should be dealt with by temporary separation and church marriage counseling designed to bring about reconciliation between the couple. But to qualify for that separation, your spouse must be in the “habit of beating you regularly,” and not be simply someone who “grabbed you once.”

That "grabbed you once" might mean he crushed your skull with a baseball bat. But hey, it's O.K.! Jocelyn Anderson, author of Woman Submit! Christians and Domestic Violence asks "How many beatings would have to take place in order to qualify as regularly?” She correctly sees Warren's attitude as laying groundwork for an epidemic of domestic violence.

Wives, it's time to say something to Pastor Rick: F**k You!

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

The ground for divorce that Rick speaks of are God's not Rick's rules, as they are taken directly from the Bible.

Wife beaters should be in jail. In no way is abuse of a wife allowable under God's law. God will punish abusers thorugh his servants on earth. Call the police and sign the complaint.

Marriage can be maintained while the abuser is incarcerated. Prayer and the will of God, may transform the wife beater (it happens!) and the marraige may go on in peace under the blessings of God.

Hannah said...

Maybe Rick Warren and his church need to dig a bit deeper Anonymous! There are other scripture within the word to show he is incorrect with saying you must stay with them.

When the abuser doesn't turn from his ways? The bible speaks of helping those under bondage and oppressed, and if you look deeper it means a bit more than 'pray for them'. It also means more than offering counsel from a church that doesn't believe in educating themselves on domestic violence. The director there that handles this issue told people 'they don't need to - they depend on God. Don't you have enough faith?"

SURE the police will arrest them, but they don't do much after that. Don't believe me? Check it out. Its a misdeanor not felony. The 'servants on this earth' at Saddleback - along with many others - tell the oppressed stay, separate and pray. That's not punishment when they are unwilling to address abusers or hold them accountable. Its called enabling.

Churches are relying on God to do the work they are to afraid to truly address. That's sad.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian minister AND a certified domestic abuse counselor- the "abuser" turning a new leaf is rare to none. More often- it is taught behavior from his childhood, deeply embedded and accepted as the norm. Check the statistics and get educated for goodness sake!

Typically, they only get counselling because they are forced by the court- since, most-if not all, do not believe they have done anything wrong. Abusers believe it is their right, because the woman is their property and they have been taught it is ok. For these cowards- it is about control over a woman.

They are like pedophiles- they don't change, of their own will. They have a devil in them- and have no desire to let go of it. They are like animals. My first woman I counceled said he'd kill her-- and when he got out of jail-- he certainly did. The law does NOT provide much help. It is temporary-at best. Get educated- it is an eye-opener! And it is a matter of life and death.

It is rare to see any man truly repent-- I've never known of one. Get real!