Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sins of Rick Warren: #2 anti-Semitism Is A Virtue

Rick Warren And (pope) Joseph Ratzinger
Must Have Been Separated At Birth!

By now, many people have heard about Rick Warren's largess to African school children: one million copies of Manga Messiah, a comic book series which more than implies that Jesus was NOT Jewish and that "perfidious" Jews killed him. (I used the word perfidious not because it was in the text - it isn't - but the Roman Catholic Mass used the derogatory term until several years ago.)

Rick Warren has been recently cited for repeatedly, in public appearances and in print, calling on Christians to be as dedicated to Jesus as were Hitler youth in Munich stadium who spelled out in mass formation with their bodies, "Hitler we are yours!" before the leader of the Third Reich, whose movement 'nearly took the world' according to Warren.

(Christopher Hitchens - Slate)
It is a fact that Rick Warren, pastor of the Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif., was present at a meeting of the Aspen Institute not long ago and was asked by Lynda Resnick—she of the pomegranate-juice dynasty—if a Jew like herself could expect to be admitted to paradise. Warren publicly told her no. What choice did he have? His own theology says that only those who accept Jesus can hope to be saved.
It is arrogant for anyone to tell you that your religion doesn't quite match up to theirs. That their belief is "true" while yours is false. It is also insulting to tell you that "you're a sinner.We're all sinners." To that I say, "Speak for yourself, buddy." Warren constantly shows his contempt for his neighbors by his sermons filled with negative feelings about his fellow man. To paraphrase another rabid right-winger, Warren wants to "Bless Your Mess."

Perhaps the most appropriate and eloquent reaction to Warren's invocation at President Barack Obama's inauguration came from a Jewish mother in Texas:

As a Jewish woman who watched the invocation with her Jewish son, Pastor Warren had the distinct pleasure of providing us both with the one moment today we felt truly alienated from our country.

It was a reminder that although I'm tolerated, and my vote is courted, when push comes to shove despite all that is outlined regarding Freedom of Religion, I was not truly included in everything today.

When any religious leader purposely excludes people from feeling a part of anything, that leader must suffer the consequences of his/her rhetoric. A quality of Christofascism is the ability to create an "us vs. them" mentality.

Rick Warren seems to be doing just that.

Just a thought.

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