Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rick Warren's Dilemma: Preachers Hate Him Too!

When Preachers Hate Preachers - Watch Out!

Perhaps the most ridiculous of wars are wars of religion. When two preachers hurl theologically insidious remarks at one another, both are made to look as if two thousand years of religious strife were nothing in comparison to their enmity towards each other. And they both seem to enjoy strife immensely:

(From A True Church):

If you are involved with the kind of Christianity that views the "church of Christ", or Billy Graham, or Rick Warren, or Joel Osteen, or James Dobson, or Pat Robertson, or John MacArthur, ...or T. D. Jakes,.. (or any of the likes on "Christian" TV or radio) as godly men, you are not saved. Why? Because, you are on the broad way (Matthew 7:13; 2 Peter 2:2; 2 Timothy 4:3). You have not the characteristic of Christ's sheep (John 10:5). And, men such as these are wells without water (2 Peter 2:17).

Let's back up a bit on that statement: the author (unknown) lumps Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen and Rick Warren together. WTF? This is like alligators eating their own young. Yes, it's just that vicious. Can't these guys just learn to get along? Talk about religious intolerance!

O.K., Rick Warren could be the anti-Christ because Christ would never have worn hideous Hawaiian shirts while preaching. Be that as it may, when Christianity was in its infancy, even its worst critics were heard to say, "but see how they love one another." Now it's "see how they mock, scourge, pillory, damn, ridicule and revile one another!" When is Christian America (yes, including Mormons) going to take a step back and see the overall picture of (what looks like) rabid dogs, frothing at the mouth, each one declaring that they alone have "the Truth."

It all looks like plain ole intolerance for each other. Forget the "love one another" maxim of Christ; these people LIVE on hatred. They cut their teeth on loathing someone - anyone.

Jeesus! After two thousand years, these guys just can't get it right!

Just a thought.

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