Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Agenda and The People Who Hate Him For It

Neocons and Christofascists hate change - unless the change is in their direction - usually in reverse.We knew that organizations like the Family Research Council run by James Dobson's toady, Tony Perkins would jocky for position to shoot down absolutely everything President Obama proposes. The thing that scares the Christofascist Right is that Obama is working exceptionally fast to undo eight years of mismanagement, cronyism and corruption. Yes, the administration is using a steamroller and the Right was off guard licking Sarah Palin's wounds while Obama's transition team segued seamlessly into the next generation of Americans.

I've annotated Perkins' latest "frantasy" (frantic fear mixed with delusions of an America that never was)

(From Tony Perkins and The FRC, Jan. 22, 2009)
Alhough the Obama administration is a little over 24 hours old, the new President has already set to work undoing years of pro-life and pro-family policy. Minutes after Obama took the oath of office, the transfer of power was made complete on the White House website. The page, once home to a host of family values (1), now welcomes an extreme collection of anti-life, anti-woman,(2) and anti-family agendas(3). Under the caption "civil rights," Obama pledges to fight for nationwide civil unions (4), repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, homosexual adoption(5), the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (6), expanded "hate crimes,"(7) and over 1,100 costly same-sex benefits (8). He promises to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"(9) as well as block a federal amendment to preserve marriage(10). In exchange for the support of groups like Planned Parenthood, the abortion business is also due for a rich payoff from the 44th president, including his support of abortion-on-demand(11), more funding for "family planning" programs, embryonic stem cell experiments, and tax-funded abortion(12).
1. "Family values" in this case would be George W. Bush's family of big business and old cronies.

2. Anti-woman?
President Obama and Vice President Biden will work to overturn the Supreme Court's recent ruling that curtails racial minorities' and women's ability to challenge pay discrimination. They will also pass the Fair Pay Act, to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work. Oh, right, tha'ts sooo anti-woman.

3. There's nothing in the Agenda that is anti-family. Perkins: go look somewhere else.

4. Obama bent your way, Perkins, when he could have gone all-out gay marriage and infuriated you. The attack aginst civil unions only makes FRC and its supporters look like right-wing bigots (which, of course, they are).

5. Perkins still dreams of "Leave it to Beaver" as the model for all American families. Get over it, Perkins! Loving, caring, nurturing families can be made out of single parents, and diverse pairings of couples and groups.

6. This act merely extends the laws of discrimination to the LGBT community. Again, Perkins just looks hated-riddled and homophobic.

7. Hate crimes are hate crimes, for God's sake. They could (and should) be expanded to be inclusive of everyone who is a group which is specifically targeted for violence. Perkins has blood dripping from his fingers from this one.

8. "Costly" to whom? Perkins wants to shield big business, that's all.

9. "Don't Ask Don't Tell" weakened the military because it helped to kick out some very valuable military men and women. Gays can't help it if they were better trained to do some things, like translating Arabic - something which military dimwits didn't think about and now are babbling pidgeon-Urdu, Arabic and Farsi to people who laugh at them.

10. "Preserve Marriage" - that was DOMAs silly job. You and Rick Warren are one-note hate-mongers with your Marriage = One Man One Woman for 5000 years. This is total bullshit that you're feeding to the unwashed masses (esp. unsuspecting trailer trash).

11. "Abortion on Demand"? Huh? Nothing like that in the Agenda.

12."Tax-funded" abortion. The small amount that the government gives to programs like Planned Parenthood is usually portioned to programs other than abortion. By the time you get down to it, "tax-funded abortion" is practically nothing!

And so with this little guideline, boys and girls, we can see that Christofascists all over the country are opining for the "good ole' days" that never were. And they'll stoop the lowest and stop at nothing to achieve their own AGENDA.

Just a thought.

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