Friday, January 23, 2009

New Dirt About An Old Con: The Hitler Movement of Saddleback Church Reaches Africa

God: Rick, go to seek more influence, power and fame.

Warren: O.K.

What's with Christian Right people uttering ridiculous and inappropriate statements? Have they all been "Pat Robertsonized"? Is it a new theological trend to utter stupid attacks and convolute Scriptures to the point that they are some verses are unrecognizable? "Purpose Driven" Rick Warren is now the insane pastor of the moment. He characterizes himself as someone who's purpose it is to globalize Christianity in whatever way possible and help the sick and the poor. His mantra is "Whatever It Takes." To me, however, "Whatever It Takes" sounds quite ominous.

(Sarah Posner, Crooks and Liars)
Warren vocally opposes gay marriage, does not believe in evolution, has compared abortion to the Holocaust and backed the assassination of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Warren has done a masterful job at marketing himself as a "new" kind of evangelical with a "broader agenda" than just fighting abortion rights and gay marriage.

Warren represents the absolute worst of the Democrats' religious outreach, a right-winger masquerading as a do-gooder anointed as the arbiter of what it means to be faithful.

If Warren is so passionate about AIDS and humanity, where was he during the "gay plague" years? I wrote to an assistant of Kay Warren's (Warren's wife heads up the AIDS global agency) and asked where these people were when wee needed them here at home:

(Elizabeth Styffe asst to Kay Warren)
We do not believe you can care about global HIV until you also care locally. We have a very active HIV Initiative that mobilizes people to care in very practical ways both locally and globally. I'd be interested in hearing the ways you think we can improve, change and grow. I'm in this for the long haul. As a member of the Orange Country HIV Planning Council, I am constantly learning and working with Kay to make an impact and care and engage others in doing the same. We want your feedback...people living with HIV are our passion.

When talking about AIDS, the focus is ONLY on Africa: it's safer because it's poorer, its far away, and it's considered a new field to plow in terms of conversions. Over 70% of the "Christian" churches in this country do not have HIV/AIDS ministries at their churches. And much of that includes ministries to Rwanda and Uganda.

More disturbing about Warren is his insistence that his followers be the followers of Hitler:

During his Anaheim stadium speech Warren, sometimes called 'pastor Rick' talked about a number of visions and communications he had received from God. By calling on his church members to follow Jesus with the fanatical dedication with which the Nazis, or Hitler Youth, gave to Adolf Hitler, Rick Warren appeared to be in effect asking his Saddleback members to be fanatically dedicated to Warren's own leadership, given his role in divining God's intent for the Saddleback church flock. During his speech, Rick Warren also explained that God had personally instructed him to seek, for the good of the world, more influence, power and fame.
Remember the slogan: Whatever it takes.

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