Saturday, October 4, 2008

With Some Christians - "Screw Social Problems, SHOW US THE MONEY!

...And Obama's A Goddam Muslim!!
(well, that's what Ann Coulter says!)

Bigotry is always attached to greed. Why? Because, in some ways, bigotry is profitable: televangelists can attest to that. Just ask one. (He/she will, of course, suddenly and vehemently subscribe it to "prosperity theology." God is making them rich!). Just look at the two campaigns we have at hand: each one is going for the middle road because they would lose more votes if, say, Obama talked too much about the poor while McCain focused on the rich. Neither of them wants to seem at all bigoted.

A new study published by the PEW Research Forum has concluded that, while voters have generally remained loyal to political parties, this year, the ISSUES have changed from social to economic. Yes, there are a great deal of Evangelicals vehemently (or violently) campaigning against same-sex marriage and abortion, but more of them are concerned with the economy and their stake in it.

A recently published national survey finds remarkable stability in the candidate preferences of major religious groups when compared with those at a similar stage in the 2004 campaign. The survey was conducted in the summer of 2008 by the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron and headed by John Green, a Pew Forum senior fellow and director of the Bliss Institute. The survey also shows, however, that issue priorities among these same groups have changed since 2004 with the economy taking on greater importance relative to social issues such as abortion and gay marriage.
Evangelicals and Christofascists can take heart, however, that old bigotries are hard to dispel, so while they are trying to protect their interests, most of the earlier political views have remained in the minds of the dullard faithful. Take the false position about Barack Obama being Muslim:

Nearly half of Americans (46%) are unable to correctly identify Barack Obama as a Christian including 13% who still maintain that he is a Muslim and another 16% who say they have heard different things about his religion. In addition, 11% say they don't know because they have not heard enough about Obama's religion. The percentage of voters continuing to say that Obama is a Muslim is largely unchanged from June (12%) and March (10%), when the controversy over Obama's former pastor at Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ was fresh in many people's minds. In the current survey, nearly one-in-five McCain supporters (19%) say that Obama is a Muslim, up from 14% in March. Fewer than one-in-ten Obama supporters (7%) identify him as a Muslim. More than three times as many white voters than African Americans see Obama as a Muslim (14% vs. 4%). Among white voters, 17% of those who have not completed college say Obama is a Muslim and 45% say he is a Christian. Among white college graduates, 7% say Obama is a Muslim while 69% say he is a Christian.

Sarah Palin said to Charles Gibson in her interview: "Jefferson said, never underestimate the wisdom of the people." Never mind the fact that Jefferson never said it, but think about the opposite: never underestimate the stupidity of the people. We've given other countries all over the world enough fodder for laughter for at least the next fifty years.

Please, America, read more, study more, analyze more. Look to facts and not to tabloid gossip and rumor. This campaign is a circus for the world and we're being far too entertaining at our own expense. Don't be selfish when you look for facts. Selfishness will always lead to someone getting hurt.

Just a thought.

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