Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fox News: The Bigger The Pin ....

The Bigger The Pinhead!

Even Sarah Palin doesn't deserve such an attempt at a lame comparison:

FoxNews' Steve Doocy really made an ass out of himself when he critiqued the debate by the size of flag pins Biden and Palin were wearing: Palin’s was “about three times the size of his.” “So I would say flag-pin wise, she is a hands-down winner,” said Doocy. [Gretchen] Carlson noted that her pin had “a few more jewels” too.

Look at the clip and you decide whether or not this was done is jest. Sorry, I noticed that all of them sitting around their "folksy" cocktail table look dead serious. Brian Kilmeade said nothing. Just as well.

I'm sorry I don't watch FoxNews or Fox and Friends because I usually need a good jolt of rationality to start my day.

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