Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pulpits, Pimps and Pumps: Praying at the Local Shell?

Lord Please Help Drop Those Prices Again!

From the Washington Independent

Here's a valuable use of time: A group called the Pray at the Pump Movement will congregate at a Shell gas station in DC this afternoon to -- you guessed it -- pray in celebration of falling gas prices. Seems this group launched its plight in April, encouraging motorists to pray for lower fuel prices as they filled their vehicles. Now that oil prices have dropped to roughly $114 a barrel -- the lowest tally in months -- they want to give God a shout-out of thanks.

I'll believe in the efficacy of their prayers when gas goes back to $ 1.78 per gallon.

Is Joel Osteen in on this? If God WANTS us to have the things we want, then his Lakewood Church and all the other "Word of Faith" ministries (Creflo Dollar, Ken Copeland, etc.) should have gotten together and had a National Day of Gas Prayer. Just think how low it could go!

Or...maybe Benny Hinn could lay hands on gas pumps and heal them of their inflated prices!!

Just a thought.

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