Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ann Coulter(geist) Strikes Again! "It's Hussein!"

Punahou Prep School in Honolulu, Hawaii

I just saw this clip from The O'Reilly Factor of Ann Coulter(geist) ripping through Barack Obama's middle name again and now siting how pro-Obama Andrew Sullivan (The Atlantic). Watch it and you'll find several misstatements by Coulter. Try to catch the Big One.

Yes, Obama was educated in part in Muslim schools, but after the age of 10, he was a student at one of the most prestigious college prep schools in the United States: Punahou School. It is the largest (and one of the oldest) schools of its kind in America. It's sports teams are rated the best (out of 38,000 such schools).

Obama's ideals would be better formed by a prep school in Hawaii for 8 years instead of a secular school attended by mostly Muslims for 4 years. His mother and stepfather did not push any particular religion on him.

Does all this sound like a thoroughly indoctrinated Muslim? I think not.

Just a thought.

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