Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If The Gun's Smoking, Hurry Up and Put Handcuffs On 'Em!!

From today's Washington Independent:

The district court’s July 31 ruling compells Harriet Miers, the former top White House counsel, to honor a House Judiciary Committee subpoena to give sworn, public testimony. The judiciary committee has for more than a year demanded Miers discuss White House involvement about the dismissal of nine U.S. Attorneys. The committee has also subpoenaed documents from White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten on the attorney firings.

This could also affect those other "executive privilege" cowards Rove, Mukasey and Johnson. It might even affect "W" himself.

I must say that it will be very entertaining to see Miers testify. She did, after all, say that George Bush was "the most brilliant" man she'd ever met. It could well be that the clowns will have the center ring for a change - something they've deserved for a long time.

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