Wednesday, August 27, 2008

California's Christofascists Are On the Warpath!!

And They Want More Than Just Our Scalps!
They Want Our Dignity, Our Rights AND Our Souls!

The very moment anyone creates an "us" and "them" situation, they open the door to hate. Too simple? Maybe, but there are people who avoid that situation by accepting and including everyone and there are those who fan the flames of hatred by segregating people and actively labeling people as outcasts or "lepers". It's an open or closed heart thing. It's an open or closed mind thing.

What about associations and clubs? Some clubs are formed to assemble people with common interests. But other clubs are formed to keep people out. Kids have done the latter since the dawn of time: "Keep out" and "members ONLY" were common when I was a kid and I'll bet they're still around now. In a sense, gangs are violent clubs.

Religion can be both inclusive or exclusive. It cannot, however, be both at the same time: you're either "in" or you're "out". You either believe a certain doctrine or you don't. If you don't toe the line and do everything exactly as your leader tells you, or a higher power tells your leader who tells you, you are a sinner...or an apostate... or an atheist...or a "poor, confused" person to be pitied. Or, as Rick Warren would tell you: "unchurched."

The most hypocritical phrase uttered in the next coming weeks will be "but we're not bigots or homophobes! That's what THEY want you to think!" But in the situation of same-sex marriage, it will certainly be "give 'em an inch, they'll take a yard." Bigotry will not stop with the passage of a proposition to "protect" marriage.

Civil unions will be next. Ballot initiatives will crop up to eradicate them. Donations will pour in from outside each and every state to help support those initiatives.

"But we're not bigots or homophobes!"

Propositions will be passed to give "faith-based initiatives" more money. Religious institutions will be given a mandate in hiring and firing. "You're not one of us. You're not part of the club!"

"But we're not bigots or homophobes!"

People will be afraid to come out of the closet more than ever.

"But we're not bigots or homophobes!"

Laws will be passed making certain actions a crime or re-instating old laws.

"But we're not bigots or homophobes!"

And as men and women all over our country are being bashed and killed, we will still hear: "But we're not bigots or homophobes!"

Just a thought.

If you want to help stop the "slippery slope" before it starts, please vote NO on Proposition 8. If you're not in California, go to this site and find out how you can help.

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