Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bush, Hagee, Osteen, Copeland, Delay - Is It the Water in Texas?

And They Think California Is Wierd!
The state of Texas has tried to pass amendents to its constitution 342 times without success.
It was the last Confederate state to be readmitted into the Union after the Civil War (it never did conform to all the requirements).
It has given us President George W. Bush, Rep. Tom Delay, Pastors James Hagee, Joel Osteen and Ken Copeland. And let's not forget Karl Rove.
Now its 7300 Democratic delegates are battling it out on a decision between Sen Barak Obama and Sen Hillary Clinton.

(From UPI)

Early results tallied by The Associated Press showed that Obama had 839 delegates selected to go on to the state convention, compared with Clinton's 833 delegates. That's out of about 7,300 delegates expected to be selected at senate district meetings across the state. Because of the huge Democratic turnout in Texas' primary and caucuses on March 4, just registering delegates took hours at some conventions. ... Hundreds of increasingly irritable and bored delegates at the Senate District 23 convention in Dallas stood in lines snaking around four hallways as they waited to receive a delegate credential. Police kept people from jumping out of turn. Several called the process "chaos." "People are so confused," said Michelle Powell, 18, five hours after she arrived at the convention. "Nothing is organized." Jacqueline Bell, a precinct chair, said, "The democratic process is messy."

In the Old Days, fights would actually break out between delegates. And don't forget: practically everyone in Texas owns a gun! Will there be bloodshed? Hell, it's all in a good cause (I guess)

Nobody's civil anymore. Will Obama and McCain duke it out like these two Czech officials? No need to have a translation for what's happening here!

And Now a Tribute to a WONDERFUL Lady

Six years ago a truly unique lady passed out of our realm. She was born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon at Glamis Castle in Scotland (featured in Shakespeare's Macbeth) a daughter of the Earl of Statford. We are referring, of course, to Her Majesty Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. But she'll always be known as "Queen Mum." She loved her family and her people and showed her love in extraordinary ways: during WWII when part of Buckingham Palace was hit by a bomb, her only reply: "Well now we can look the East End in the face." She never gave up her hope for the best under any circumstanes. She was a very great lady.

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