Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Lewisia Sort Of Day

Lewisia is a small but intense flower, a succulent that takes forever (it seems) to bloom. But when it does...

So far, it's been a "lewisia" kind of day:

I still have "afterglow" from some intense nookie last night.
I woke up to find that two of my last articles are in the top ten at OpEdNews.
A long-time online friend (WOOOOF!) is coming for a visit in late May, just weeks before my 65th.
Christian Right hate-mongers (NOM) are being pummeled in the news (with a little help from guess who).
I called up my Jewish mother, Gladys and immediately made a date for lunch tomorrow (she's a strong 90!). 
Laundry and work out don't seem too much of a chore.
Work on Sacred Cows will be fruitful (I hope).

Yep, it's a Lewisia kind of day, blooming beautifully after a long time of the blahs.

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