Tuesday, January 24, 2012

These Are Not Nice People! Cat Bludgeoned to Death With "Liberal" Scrawled Across It's Body

I won't publish the full pic because it is too upsetting. 

A campaign manager for an Arkansas state congressional candidate came home to find his housecat brutally bludgeoned to death with the word "Liberal" scrawled across its body. 

According to a statement from Democratic congressional candidate Ken Aden's campaign, Jacob Burris’ cat had been hit so violently that one of its eyeballs "was barely hanging from its socket."
The incident shook Burris, who expressed concerns about the safety of his children.
The abject violence and hatred of the Right should stop right now. But it won't. Feeding on the fears and hatred of the semi-literate (at least the perpetrator spelled "liberal" right) won't stop. Perhaps the only way to quell the violence a bit is to publicize it, making certain that everyone knows how vicious these people really are. 

Sorry, but this is just too upsetting.

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