Wednesday, January 25, 2012

But Is It Genuine?

This video of a youth as a poetic rap tirade against organized religion is both provocative and disturbing - considering the source. At first glance, its protagonist, 22-year-old Jeff Benthke, has the right stance and attitude: organized religion is something Jesus would have frowned upon.

But something's not quite right. He comes from Mars Hill Church, home of the virulently homophobic pastor, Mark Driscoll. Upon viewing it a second time, I have the distinct, creepy feeling that Benthke is hiding a sledge hammer behind his back, ready to bash the viewers if we get too close.

It's frightening. He seems so sincere and truthful. And spot on.


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qraal said...

Definitely a WTF moment. Wonder what JC would've told them? That King David and Jonathan were just "good friends"? That "Esther" wasn't really Nehemiah by his/her stage name? This side of JC's Return I doubt homophobia and Old Time Religion will ever part ways.