Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Killing The "Secular Virus" By Suing The ACLU

Christian radio talk show host Janet Mefferd thinks Christian should sue entities like the ACLU for making "atheism the established religion." 

Talking to Robert Knight of the American Civil Rights Union (a decidedly Christians-only-have-civil-rights group), she proposed the following:

Mefferd: As we were talking about atheism being the de facto official religion with all of this, do you know if there’ve been any lawsuits dealing with the establishment of religion with atheism? This issue of saying, hey by not allowing this, by default the state really seems to be embracing atheism?
Knight: No but that sounds like a good lawsuit to me. I think Christians and others who believe in religious freedom in this country ought to be more aggressive, and that kind of strategy Janet, that’s a great idea.

Unfortunately, looking at Mefferd's picture makes one think that she would sue The Muppets for not all wearing crucifixes.

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