Saturday, April 2, 2011

Creating a New Quandry for the Christian Right

Something to think about: the Christian Right had a hard enough time keep the likes Fred Phelps at bay, so how are they going to doing it with Terry Jones? Phelps' actions had severe emotional reactions, but Jones' actions resulted in DEATHS. Who be stoned this time? The media was certainly not at fault this time because it didn't sufficiently cover the Quran burning - the time lapse proves that. Karzai? He's only a politician some anti-American sentiment in order to keep the troops there (via reverse psychology). 

With world events being as quick (and atrocious) as they are, it will be easy to forget about this incident, but beware:
1. Afghan Muslims won't forget.
2. Islamophobes will use it to their best advantage.
3. Jones' supporters will be coming out of the woodwork (e.g. they already have - sponsoring his appearance at an anti-Islam rally)

UPDATE: The death toll for the riots is now up to 12 and the injuries are up to 83.
Keep an eye out for everything that happens in Afghanistan and the rest of the Muslim world.

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