Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Most Heartless (And Senile) Republican In The World: "Ship The Mentally Ill Off To Siberia"

URGENT UPDATE: My bad. Check out the answers given by Harty for his 2008 campaign. They're as disturbing as hi "Siberia" comment!

Martin Harty, a Republican New Hampshire state senator, is 91 years old. It is possible that he has turned senile. It is also possible that he will be shipped to Siberia.

It's sad when someone becomes so senile that he doesn't resemble a human being. The question that comes immediately to mind: has he actually outlived his usefulness? In the case of New Hampshire state senator Martin Harty, his philosophy of getting rid of useless people might return to bite him in his wrinkled old ass. 
Think Progress: Barrington Republican Martin Harty told Sharon Omand, a Strafford resident who manages a community mental health program, that “the world is too populated” and there are “too many defective people,”according to an e-mail account of the conversation by Omand. [...] Harty confirmed to the Monitor that he made the comments to Omand.
“I wish we had a Siberia so we could ship them all off to freeze to death and die and clean up the population...Hitler did something right, and I agree with (it).
The "I was kidding" defense.

Harty has absolutely refused to apologize for the remarks, saying he was kidding her because she was an "unidentified caller."

"I was kidding with her ...It was a girl that wanted money for the crazy people... a good percentage of the homeless people are mentally disturbed." Unfortunately, he overstepped the bounds of humanity in his "kidding" by referring to any form of eugenics or genocide. He can, of course, place the blame of his comments on his age, since he was first inaugurated last January, making him the oldest "freshman" Republican office-holder in the country.

The issue of age and mental stability may not lie in Harty, however, but in his constituents. After all, you have to wonder about a populace who votes in a politician simply because of age. Because if you try to find out anything about "Marty Harty" you don't find much.

A plebecite of "No Response" 

- Does Marty Harty even exist?

Go to the website for Vote New Hampshire, a site supposedly devoted to "connecting voters to candidates. The results will surprise/shock you. In Harty's candidate profile, which includes age, gender and all political positions, the only answer is: "no response."

Gender: No response, Religion: No response, Education: No response, Civic: No response, Military: No response, Political: No response.

And accomplishments: No response. Maybe Marty Harty is so old, he's turned translucent - or completely invisible.

Ditto on the website for Project Vote Smart:
Representative Marty C. Harty refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.

This candidate has demonstrated 0% courage during the test.

There is NO email for the senator and only the New Hampshire Republican Party references him - vaguely, making "connecting" very difficult for someone like Sharon Omand. At this point, the question of Marty Harty's existence comes into play and wild conspiracy theories against New Hampshire's Republican Party could start to sprout.

The Concord Monitor (unfortunately) was able to get a hold of him in response:
Harty said nature has a way of "getting rid of stupid people," and "now we're saving everyone who gets born."

He's so senile, he's pissing off Republican-based pro-lifers. Not good. Pat Robertson pissed off a multitude of Christians with his Haiti-contract-with-the-devil comments. They tried to cover it all up with a kind of senility defense, but it didn't work.

So now the focus needs to shift to the New Hampshire Republicans who voted-in Harty for no reason at all other than he's very old and very senile. If you research the demographics of Barrington, NH, the place (and its newest educational make-up - an all-white, upper-middle class charter school), might give you a better picture: Harty has obviously had no contact with emotionally or financially disabled people. None. Zip. And the area looks as if it wants to stay that way, with help from the Republican Party. Sharon Omand may be a humanitarian in a developing sea of intense contempt for everyone else. True, the area is very, very small, so let us hope it is in no way representative of a larger trend.

Wisconsin and Michigan, on the other hand...


Anonymous said...

Actually, you missed where in 2008, as a candidate, Hardy gave any number of political opinions, including a very, very disturbing reference to the sexual development of 13 year old girls. In 2008, candidate Marty Harty answered a political positions survey for Though he was not at all prompted to opine on sexual age of consent laws, in his extra remarks he stated that 13 year old females are sexually mature, that the age of consent is "way too high" in this country and additionally, he wrote "Victim. Hell." as though to say that 13 year old girls who complain of sexual abuse are to be dismissed without consideration. Harty should be very closely questioned about these remarks in the 2008 survey, because his remarks are consistent with the attitudes of a pedophile. Again, the survey did not ask about age of consent laws, but Harty had on his mind that 13 year old females are sexually mature and that 13 year olds when sexually abused are not really victims. How could any responsible adult not find these remarks worrisome from any adult and completely intolerable from an elected official? Harty's dubious remarks are at the bottom of the page at this link:

DFV said...

Thank you!!! I just re-posted the article with an update. I looked at his answer to the other questions as well. Incredibly disturbing - proof that Barrington, NH Republicans who voted for him are indeed insane.