Tuesday, March 1, 2011


"Personhood" will now make its debut in Ohio. Janet Porter has seen to it. 

Think Progress had the best take on Janet Porter's latest Reconstructionist/oh-so-biblical stunt:

Admitting that “there is no scenario” in which this bill survives in court, Ohio Right To Life and the right-wing advocacy group Faith2Action are still going to absurd lengths for the sake of promotion. Tomorrow at a hearing on the bill, the House Health Committee will hear “testimony” from its youngest witness ever: a “nine-week old” fetus:

Two in-utero babies will appear live before the committee by an ultrasound projector which is able to not only show that baby’s moving arms and legs, but also display–in color–the baby’s beating heart.“When passed, the Heartbeat Bill will insure that once that heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected,” added Porter.

I've always said, however, that people like Janet Porter are NOT pro-life, but only PRO-BIRTH. There's a big difference: do you actually think Porter cares anything about the kid once it's born? She'll insist that the kid be born, but not fed, housed and educated at any decent level. Those things would cost waaay too much money!! I believe that Porter is also in favor of the death penalty. Pro Life? Not on yours!

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