Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oooooh! We're Scared! Westboro Baptist Church Is Mad At Anonymous!

We sincerely hope that this spurs Anonymous to act right away! 

Sorry the print is so lousy to read. Suffice it to say, this is one ungrammatical, poorly written public response. How did the Phelps clan ever get through college with this stuff?

Some highlights: 

"Anonymous is a puddle of pimply-faced nerds ... because they hate Westboro Bible preachments." Alliteration is not one of the Westboro gang's strong points ("puddle of pimply-faced nerds" really makes no sense). "Preachments" is an odd word - I looked it up: "preachment" is a sermon of sorts that is odious or "tedious." Sort of unintentionally self-deprecating, wouldn't you say?

Then there's: "
"Let us tell you how it will go: rebels will build a full head of steam based on false hope; the media will do much breathless anticipating while giving another tsunami of coverage to Westboro's message ..."

"A tsunami of coverage"?? Maybe the media will cover it gleefully, but to purport a "tsunami" of coverage is hubris. Also, Westboro's message is one of hate and not one from God. They're two different things.

Then last:

"All your draconian blather changes nothing." Boy, aren't we the learned ones!  Irony here: "draconian" is one of the first words we think of when we think of Westboro "Baptist" church.

Go! Anonymous! Go!


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