Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ministry Countdown!

Yes, I'm a minister - in the eyes of the Universal Life Church. And to those of you who know about ULC - don't laugh! This ministry will be surprisingly authentic - in terms of "ministering" to people and dealing with religious and social issues. 

So far, however, I'm only announcing it in this blog. Officially, it will be announced to the MSM, via a new website, a new look to this blog, a new column in the San Francisco Bay Times (The Devil's Advocate) and an article in OpEdNews. Please join me in ushering in this event: I will have a short article every day (if I can - I'm a caregiver and my charge has been declared terminal) until Jan. 6th when I sendf out all the official information and several articles. Join in "the blitz" by checking in every day until then. If you have a favorite website you would like to see on my new blogroll, please send me a link in the comments section below.

Thanks so much, loyal readers. Remember: Jan. 6th is when a hammer comes down on the Christian Right!

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