Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To Glenn Beck: Compassion Is Not A Dirty Word

To Glenn Beck:

Doubtless, you are getting more mail from critics than supporters about your mockery of the Cranick family's tragedy. If you are getting as much mail in support, however, it is time for most of us to rethink America's values. 

Would you have mocked them quite as much if a family member had died in the fire instead of "just" their family pets? The chilling answer to that is: probably. However, it's possible that you were only following in the footsteps of Brian Fischer who said that letting the house burn was really "the Christian thing to do." I've always thought that phrase to be the most righteously arrogant one in the English language. Both you and Fischer, however, have made it sound rather ...evil. 

What you did for "social justice" you're now doing for "compassion." What you have against both those admirable human traits is beyond comprehension. By mocking the Cranick family, you also mocked all of the people who are compassionate. Did you mock any of the people helping in Haiti? After Katrina? If the World Trade Center had not paid their property taxes, would you have mocked the firemen of 9/11? Would you have mocked The Good Samaritan? 

You're probably scoffing at the critics right now, but if those critics are coming from your base, it may be time to think about some form of apology. A simple "explanation" will not be sufficient.

Just a thought.

Dan Vojir
a bleeding heart liberal

OK. I got that out of my system. I'd do another one for Bryan Fischer, but I'm still a compassionate being: I don't criticize imbeciles.

I am concerned, instead, about the road religion in this country has been taking. I believe it all started when Jerry Falwell declared, "Jesus was not a sissy." Jesus then slowly evolved into a Rambo-like figure, fitting the image of a redneck more than a preacher of love and forgiveness.

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