Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey Guys, Please Help Out!!

I really want to take this chance to say THANKS to people who follow this little blog o' mine. I know you're out there and you're the reason I keep on writing. I'm sorry I'm so inconsistent: posting daily articles is something I just am not able to do. Furthermore, blogging the particular subjects of religion and politics is not easy: it takes time and research and effort (especially with the graphics - not that good, but they help me lighten things up a bit).

So this is a plea to anyone who likes this blog to please spread the word about it. If you can post something about it on your Facebook page, that would be awesome. Better yet, recommend that your friends get it automatically through an RSS feed so they don't have to go to it and check constantly whether or not something new has been posted.

As you know, the articles are also submitted to OpEdNews, getting really good responses (according to page views and ratings) and they usually wind up being in the top ten articles (in one week, OpEdNews publishes 350 top-notch articles!), but I'd really like to see more encouraging traffic to the site.

Again. Thanks for all your support. I'll always try to give you the truth in a light-hearted way.


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