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IT FIGURES: Ten-Year-Old And His Family Attacked by the AFA and Primitive Remnants of the Bible Belt!

 Demonizing Has Hit New Lows

"Freedom of speech. The freedom to disagree. That’s what I think pretty much being an American represents." 
- Will Phillips

The AFA has been trying valiantly to paint everyone within a mile of a homosexual as being a supporter of abject perversion. And when the person in question is actually supportive of gay rights, then they're doomed, brainwashed, gay, or just plain evil. Take your pick.

In young Will Phillips' case, it's definitely  "brainwashed," while his parents are probably "doomed" and the gay community of northwest Arkansas is "evil." 

AFA President Tim Wildmon says,
 “It’s shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way. He’s obviously just parroting the nonsense he’s been told by manipulative adults. For gay activists to trot out this child and make him the poster child for promoting unnatural sexual expression is a form of child abuse."

Of course, the AFA's Bryan Fischer also chimed in with threats:

The AFA, according to Fischer, has sent an “action alert” to its members in Arkansas, and he says they have deluged the mayor’s and city council’s office with e-mails “asking him to stop this charade.” Though there are no plans to actively protest at the parade, Fischer said, “as of noon Thursday our records show that the mayor and city council had received 12,300 e-mails asking them to stop the parade.”

To suggest that Will has been "brainwashed" might stand against an ordinary 10-year-old (or any child in a Christian Right family), but Will Phillips is no "ordinary child" Watch his acceptance speech at the GLAAD Awards last March. His parents insist that he wrote it himself and I don't think anyone would lie about a kid like this: he's obviously got a career as a public speaker ahead of him.  

He's also as gutsy as his parents (who have attended Gay Pride parades for years): when his substitute teacher sternly reprimanded him (about not standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance) and mentioned his relatives in her harangue, he very calmly said, "With all due respect, mam, you can jump off a bridge."

Will's Parents:
We will NOT be cowed by National Bully groups or anyone else! Our family has attended this parade for nearly 5 years and we would be doing so even if Will WASN'T Grand Marshall.
What I love about Will's acceptance speech at the GLAAD Awards: he is intentionally droll. His sense of humor really comes out at the ___ mark when he refers to 10-year-olds being as intelligent as "most" people. When it's obvious to someone of Will's caliber that people on the Right are essentially stupid when it comes to their intolerance, then you know that feelings against the Right and fighting for what's right are exceptionally strong. And you also know that there are a lot of people out there like Will and his parents who won't be cowed by empty demonstrations of righteousness. 

Will has not been brainwashed. He has been enlightened about humanity and he has already learned how to cope with the mindlessly vicious that exemplifies the far Right. 

As he leads the parade, let's view some of the comments from his neighbors in Fayetteville. Some are supportive, but most are not. Some veer on the side of righteous violence.

>> I say this punk needs his ass whooped !
>>At 10 years old he doesn't know enough to "stand up" for anything! I agree with you, lindajune! Give his parents a lick or two also for allowing him to do this!
>>Being gay is WRONG! This childs parents will answer.
>>It's SAD that a mayor would use a child to promote disgrace to our state.
>>To all the people who might label me a religious nutbag, go ahead. I believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, God breathed and inspired.
My father is a sexual devient who calls himself a homosexual. I grew up around the homosexual community in Little Rock and at best, the homosexuals were barely functional in society, much less than a positive contribution to society.
>>They can be all they can be out there on the street. When they step in my yard then I deal with them equal. I'll ask anyone to leave just one time. After that it's skull busting time. On the street I give them respect. I get out of their way and let them do their thing. Everyone should be treated with respect.
>>The little boy doesn't know about sexual preference yet and there is a real good chance he don't understand the Gospel yet. The way I understand the Bible he is safe in God's hands until he does understand the Gospel. Hopefully he will hear it somewhere before he is grown, understand and be maracliously born again.
>>One other thing...

The United States of America is a nation composed of many different cultures. It is NOT the United Christian States of America. WE THE PEOPLE are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and a host of other beliefs, including agnostics and atheists. As such, the law of one set of beliefs, such as Christianity, should not be used to restrict the rights of others who do not share those beliefs. We have laws that WE THE PEOPLE have determined that were needed.

One of those laws is that our nation can not dictate religious beliefs upon the citizens, something that I feel many here would like to change.

>>Hell I guess he'll be President one day since he is so good at giving speeches. I wonder if he has a birth certificate. I wonder is the protestors in Kansas are going to be in the parade or will they protest it? No think all military are gay. Wonder what side of the fence they are on? I bet the parents are some real winners too. 
>>I think a child should stay in a childs place and that is not being grand marshal at a gay parade. As far as refusing to say the pledge of alledgance, I think maybe he should research a child friendly place Russia.
>>[the family is] not worried about any backlash. Jay says, "I don't think anyone would say mean things about a 10-year-old."

And look how quickly y'all rushed to prove him wrong.

>>There is a thin line between beliefs and just rude little kid's, I believe he need's yanked from any speaking engagements till he grows at least 10,000 hairs other than his head. He knows nothing about life or the pursuit of it. Get him back in a classroom with a book in hand and tape over his mouth.
>>Someone needs to call CPS! VERY SAD! 

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