Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Advice To The New Miss USA: Get Bodyguards

Not Exactly A Precious Prejean Moment

Right, Left, Middle and Just Plain Awful pundits are still burning the midnight oil as I write this. And I'm no exception. After all, we're still smarting from the bizarre fracas that was Carrie Prejean. This situation, however, is much more serious.

The reaction to Ms. Rima Fakih being crowned Miss USA is more like hysteria - on both sides. Ditto the reaction to Miss Oklahoma's remarks before being chosen as second runner-up. So which side is louder, more vicious, more vulgar?  

While the Left got in a few uncouth remarks, I'm forced to say that the ultra-Christofascist Right takes the prize in the remarks of one  Debbie Schlussel. Forget Fox News' comments about Miss Oklahoma's losing answer,  Schlussel has the real scoop on Rima because she's has ties to Islamic terrorism all over the place! Schlussle intimates that she and she alone has uncovered so much about Fakih that she (Schlussel) should be considered a hero.


From Fox News:

An unhappy crowd booed Miss USA judge Oscar Nunez when he asked Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard a question about Arizona’s immigration law on Sunday night’s pageant.

"I'm a huge believer in states' rights. I think that's what's so wonderful about America," Woolard said. "So I think it's perfectly fine for Arizona to create that law."

Think Progress:
– Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson complained that Woolard’s “informed opinion” may have cost her the crown, and said that Fakih may have won because we live in a “PC society.” [5/17/10]

The American Prospect:

The level of anger is just so plainly disproportionate to the matter at hand as to be self-implicating. These people aren't worried about terrorism -- they're offended by the idea of Muslims being integrated into the most mundane and banal aspects of American society. 
-- A. Serwer

Michelle Malkin is savvy enough to mostly cloak her freak-out behind horror over Fakih's politics (although she can't resist a dig at those "identity politics" people), while other conservative bloggers just go ahead and call her a terrorist. Professional Islamophobe Daniel Pipes combs the internet for other instances in which Muslim women have won beauty contests, and concludes there's some kind of "an odd form of affirmative action" going on. Because how could anyone choose a Muslim over a "real American" in a beauty contest?

 But she's a filthy Muslim/terrorist slut! whose crown was financed by a Hammas terrorist!

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Anonymous said...

Debbie Schlussel is such a hack! While I appreciate your well-justified critcism, I'm afraid you gave that big fat attention whore what she craves notwithstanding how deserving of condemnation she is.

Schlussel, better known as Fatso the Yiddish clown in some circles, is essentially a much, much fatter and slightly less masculine Ann Coulter. Alternately she could be described as a blend of Michael Medved, Pamela Gellar, and Michelle Malkin.

Like Malkin, she is a self-important loser who turned to political punditry because she is too butt ugly to do anything else, and is also a rabid Islamophobe who publishes every personal attack and gets all sanctimonious.

Like Medved she is some Jewish closet-case faux social conservative and hack film critic, as well as an Israel-first shill and traitor. Funny how Jews like Medved and Schlussel complain about how the media (owned disproportionately by guess-who) is destroying the American culture. Yeah, apparently the liberal Hollywood Jews are destroying the wholesome White-American Christian culture, so good self-righteous Jews like Medved and Schlussel are looking out for you! Sounds like a racket to me.

Of course, this is an obvious jealousy issue. Have you seen the fat bitch? Debbie hates Hollywood Jews and other Jewish celebrities (who just so happen to be fairly liberal by and large) because she is a Jew who happens to be an obscure pundit, a hack, and a big fat loser. She hates on attractive women because she is herself uglier than shit. (But then she hates on ugly or fatter women because it makes her feel better about how fat she is.) She even hates her fellow "conservatives" because not even FAUX News wants Fatso the Dancing Yiddish Clown. (But of course, she resorts to sour grapes about how FOX Newscorp is a deep cover Islamo-fascist organ. To her credit none of the other neocons seem to care that 7% of FOX is owned by a Saudi prince!)

Worse still, she has a deep-seated hatred for White people (almost as much as she hates Blacks or "schwartzers" to her). She tries so hard to be as white as possible, bleaching her hair and so forth. But whenever a White woman is raped or Whites are mass murdered, she celebrates.

Debbie Schutzstaffel is an extreme Jewish supremacist who despises all non-Jews, but does not even care much for her fellow Jews. She is also, technically, a "Holocaust Denier" or at least a "Holocaust Revisionist." (She claims that her mother was born in a Nazi concentration camp, but I know that's impossible for a number of reasons. By propagating that lie she fuels neo-Nazis and other kooks.)