Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pastor Gary Cass: Let's Get Together For A Good Ole Christian Hatefest!

Cause Every Pastor Has The Right To Say
"Kill A Queer For Christ!"

For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. – Matthew 15:19 (NIV)

Yes, as Jesus opined, murder comes from the heart. And we could say that hatred and hypocrisy also evolve from the heart, taking a horrible toll on innocent people. Foul deeds - like bashing gays - emanate from people with evil hearts and feeble minds.

Possibly the worst (and most idiotic) way to bash gays is to announce that you're going to intentionally incite people to...bash gays.
Being stupid, however, never stopped Pastor Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission from taking his views to the streets.

From Pam's House Blend:

Cass and crew are headed to DC on November 16th to protest the Hate Crimes Act in front of the Department of Justice. Their tactic?
...The "Rally for Religious Freedom" in front of the Department of Justice in Washington is intended to force Attorney General Eric Holder either to address the issues or be put in a position of ignoring those who say they are violating the provisions of the federal law, Cass said. "We're basically going to defy the law, and challenge it," Cass told WND. "We're going to declare the whole counsel of God, including those parts that some may consider 'inciting a hate crime' to see if the attorney general is going to come down and arrest a group of peaceful clergy exercising their First Amendment rights

And if you think that's scary, here's what Cass had to say in promoting guns to be carried in church:

(Right Wing Watch)

Self-defense is not just a right, but a Christian duty. Jesus told his followers, “If you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” Jesus did not send his disciples out unprotected into a hostile world. In a world filled with gun violence, Christians must be prepared to respond with appropriate force to defend their family, neighbors and themselves.

But Cass neglects the rest of the passage:

"Lord, here are two swords!"

"That is enough, Jesus replied."

Of course, if Pastor Cass is in any way like Pastor Rick Warren, he could quote another version to suit his ideology: "Enough of that!"

BTW, Luke 22 comes 12 verses after Mathew's and John's admonition: "Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword." Another instance of a pastor's intuition: people who don't really READ the Bible will prefer him to do the reading for them.

Kill A Queer For Christ is not new.

And if you think that Cass's form of evangelism is new in its violence, here's a TIME magazine article about the Anita Bryant fracas in Florida, 1977:

In the heat of the campaign, emotions have got out of hand. A gay worker was hospitalized after a beating; others have received crank calls. Urges a bumper sticker: KILL A QUEER FOR CHRIST. After receiving many telephone threats, Jack Campbell, a gay-rights leader, has installed guards around his house. Bryant has also hired security men because of phone warnings.

So, when Cass marches with his fellow "Religious Freedom Fighters", think of these words truncated from the bones of A Thanksgiving Prayer by William S. Burroughs:

Thanks for the American dream,
To vulgarize and to falsify
the bare lies shine through.
Thanks for the KKK.

For nigger-killin' lawmen,

feelin' their notches.

For decent church-goin' women,

with their mean, pinched, bitter,
evil faces.
Thanks for "Kill a Queer for
Christ" stickers.
Thanks for laboratory AIDS.

Thanks for Prohibition and the
war against drugs.
Thanks for a country where

nobody's allowed to mind the
own business.
Thanks for a nation of finks.

Yes, thanks for all the memories--
all right let's see
your arms!
You always were a headache
you always were a bore.
Thanks for the last and greatest
betrayal of
the last and greatest
of human dreams.
-William Burroughs

Actual results of KILL A QUEER FOR CHRIST on Facebook:

Load your shotgun !...I'd kill a queer for even less...f*ck fags god hates em and so do i...GOD HATES US ALL, deal with it...kill a queer for sport

And some people have been carrying that kind of hatred around for over 30 years.

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