Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If Fetuses Could Vote, Who'd Win?

Obama or The Hypocrites?

Birth is a traumatic event. Hundreds of books are published each year teaching would-be mothers how to cope with the physical pain and emotional shock.

But what about the fetus? Just think about it: as a fetus, you're in a warm, secure place when some unknown force shoves you through a very tight space. You can't see yet, but you certainly have sensations: all of a sudden you feel cold and gooey, then you feel slightly dizzy when you're turned upside down and a big thing hits you on your butt. This makes you open up that orifice you always wondered about and out of nowhere you hear a loud but strange sound coming from that hole. Then someone clips that thing that must have fed you. You can't seem to stop that loud strange noise and you think it may never stop. Big things, like the one that slapped you, start to put something wet all over you, then brushes you with something else. And just when you feel helplessly exposed and noisy, the big things put something around you and puts you beside something very big that smells vaguely familiar.

A lot of your situation then seems to depend upon opening that orifice and making that really bad sound: food comes when you use it as well as any relief from pain or irritation. At first, you seem to control this strange place, but you quickly discover that what the other beings call "crying" doesn't necessarily bring you what you want or need. This new situation forces you to work for the things you want. It's not comfortable and you want your old space back.

But you can't crawl back into your mother's womb. You can't even scream "Put me back!"

If you'd only known.

And what if you'd known that you'd be labeled an "innocent" by some people, but a "sinner" by the very same people. And that...
  • The people who wanted you to be born would balk at paying for your survival, proving that they were not "pro life," but only "pro birth."
  • People would start a slow process of indoctrination on you while accusing others of doing the same.
  • You'd be told you were totally free while having certain rights withheld from you.
  • You'd learn that an all-perfect and loving God made you, but He could punish you, his own creation, on a whim.
  • People would claim that "life is sacred," then elect politicians who order you to kill others in a war.
Yes, our world is filled with hypocrisy. So if you were a fetus and could vote whether or not to be born in it, which way would you vote? Today we have a President who wants to uphold the law of pro-choice while giving people the means to support as many children as they want. This stance is not hypocritical in the least.

Only the hypocrites tell us so.

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