Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top Advertizers - 20, Glenn Beck - 0

Hooray for WAL-MART!!
Hooray for Wal-Mart!

Someone in the stands is shouting

Hooray for Wal-Mart!


Who you gonna cheer for
WAL-MART that's who!!

Poor Glenn Beck, (and poor FOX News Channel).

You know, it wasn't long ago that a news commentator (not necessarily a journalist) could get to say certain things about important people, say, such as Pres. Barack Obama. For instance: think of what might have happened to that staunch citizen who stood near a town hall meeting if his scribbled sign had said, "Death to Bush, Laura and her two stupid kids." But nowadays you can say just about anything, write anything, report anything and be listened to - even believed! Hey, remember "Dijongate?" But the American public, being a very fickle lot, have chosen not to endorse the idea that President Obama is, according to Glenn Beck, a racist - one who hates white people.

From: Think Progress:

Eight more companies — including Allergan, Ally Bank, Best Buy, Broadview Security, CVS, Re-Bath, Travelocity, and Wal-Mart — have agreed to stop advertising on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show. Their announcements are in response to a ColorOfChange campaign after Beck said that President Obama is a “racist” with “a deep-seated hatred for white people.” A total of 20 companies have now pulled their advertising. “We support vigorous debate, especially around policy issues that affect millions of Americans, but we expect it to be informed, inclusive and respectful, in keeping with our company’s core values and commitment to diversity,” explained Carolyn Castel, Vice President of Corporate Communications for CVS Caremark.

As in all things American, the underdog gets more cheering than the blow-hard leader. That's why the situation with Glenn Beck calling President Obama "racist" has created a firestorm of criticism against Beck and FOX "News" Channel. In this instance, they consider Obama the underdog.

Rep. Rick Larsen at a town hall meeting in Everett, WA:

Now folks will say that’s not true, but I’ve got facts on my side and you’ve got Glenn Beck on your side. It’s just not going to play off that way.
From Daily Kos:
According to the Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll, only 34 percent of respondents said Fox News was a reliable source, compared to the 41 percent who called it unreliable. Its competitors, CNN and MSNBC, didn't fare much better in the poll. CNN matched its 44 percent reliability rating with a 44 percent unreliability rating, and MSNBC raked in a 23 percent reliability rating compared to a 17 percent unreliability rating.
Poor Glenn Beck, Poor FOX News Channel. PC has come back to haunt them.

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