Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get FRC's Health Care Townhall Kit (Obnoxious Idiot And Gun Not Included)

Distortions, Lies Perpetuated By Family Research Council

Heaven Forbid! The Family Research Council misrepresents someone or ...ah...something?!


Yes, FRC is encouraging churches to conduct and promote their own "Townhall" meetings. Of course, even though the purpose of town hall meetings is to gather together all diverse aspects of the community and debate (besides Q&A) important issues, we all know that an FRC/Christian-only Town Hall meeting will only be an Obama-bashing party. Health Care? Everyone will be predisposed to thumbs-down the proposed HR 3200 because they've read Prof. Mathew Stevor's 128-point brief that we've been debunking now for the last week.

Of course, it's easy for churches to hold meetings like this, but FRC is making it easier by providing each participating church with a "kit" that includes the following intro to a prototype "press release":

Help Organize a Health Care Townhall with Included Kit
August 25, 2009 | Share with Friends

All concerned citizens are invited to attend this townhall meeting which will address many concerns over the use of their tax dollars, the way medical care will be provided to their unborn babies, their elderly loved ones, and even the conscientious objections of health care professionals who refuse to dispense abortaficient drugs. Churches have always played a leading role in helping Americans understand the moral aspects of public policy, and given the abortion and end-of-life provisions of the President’s plan, their counsel to conscientious citizens is essential.
Ah yes, churches and townhall meetings are a wondrous thing when brought together. Remember that little incident in Salem that went down in history as "The Great Debunking Of Moral Rectitude"? Of course, at that time the church WAS the town hall! Oh for the days when the clergy were the judges and officials! The problem today, you see, is the demoralized people who attend them and who are most uncivil:

Townhall Breaks Into Jeers

(NYT headline: Townhall Breaks Out With Idiocy Virus)
Reston, Va.–Last night, health care reform was on the minds of many, as Rep. James Moran held a Congressional townhall meeting with Howard Dean, former Vermont Governor at South Lakes High School. In a packed auditorium, Moran and Dean attempted to dispel the myths about Congress’s proposed health care plan, in addition to informing those in attendance about the plan. However, many were not buying the responses from both Moran and Dean, as evidenced in this video, and through many of the responses from

Moran attempts to debunk the Health Care Reform Myths from Krystle Weeks on Vimeo.

O.K. BE HONEST. Yes, there are obvious "plants" in the audience (masquerading as vegetables), but would you want to attend a meeting with ANY of these people?

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