Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthers And The Penis Probe

What will they be looking for next?

Just when you think the birthers have gone too far...they go FURTHER! Going after Obama's citizenship is one thing, but going after his penis is another! I can see the Halloween costumes now: one giant penis being chased by a birther (perhaps a baby in diapers - better double entendre).

From Jesus' General

Friday, August 21, 2009
Barack Obama Show US Your Penis

The fine Real Americans at the Free Republic have found Obama's achilles heel: his Long Dark Staff of White Insecurity.

The only other thing that hit me was that Sinclair said BO was not circumcised. When my son was born in a hospital that was done as a matter of routine without even consulting us. Would the same be for Hawaii? OTOH People born at home or in some other cultures are not circumcised.

A relative of mine was born (in a hospital) a couple of years after BO's alleged birth date. He was circumcised also (as a matter of routine, not according to any family request).

My son was born in June of 1961 in a hospital in CA, and the nurses released us because of miscommunication in a day and a half before the circumcision was done. We had to go back to the doctor’s office to have it done a week later, and the doctor was NOT HAPPY. My second son was born in the same hospital 4 years later. I don’t remember them asking me about it. Routine procedure for little boys.

And the world is watching us.

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