Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bashing The President's Daughters: The Most Disgusting Part Of America May Be Its Freedom Of Speech

All I can say is, I surely hope these people don't travel to foreign countries. Bush made us look like assholes. Obama is trying to make America a statesman again. These people would make us look like neanderthals: When little Malia Obama wore a t-shirt with a peace symbol on it, little did she know she would incite the ire of some very, very upscale cretins. These comments were posted on the oh-so-dignified Free Republic:

  • What we now are sending the ghetto over to represent us. and if so who the hell is that flea bag who looks to be dragged from the trash dumpster.
  • Looks like a bunch of ghetto thugs. A stain on America..
  • These ‘adorable little angels' sat in Rev Wright's ‘church' and were spoon fed hate whitey/hate America for most of their lives.
  • the world must be laughing like mad right now at that we have this kind of street trash in our white house.
  • Its the sign of the American Chicken.
  • I am just hope this is a late April fools joke because this trash walking around the streets of Europe makes me cringe.
  • "Well we're movin on up, to the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. Movin on up to the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie..."
  • If the kid starts making political statements then she is fair game. Wonder when she will have her first abortion.
  • Daddy better keep an eye on that thug. I'd hate for Miss Obama to be punished with a child.
  • They make me sick.... The whole family... mammy, pappy, the free loadin' mammy-in-law, the misguided chillin', and especially ‘lil cuz... This is not the America I want representin' my peeps

In addition, the thread includes a picture of Michelle Obama speaking to her daughter with the caption, "To Entertain Her Daughter, Michelle Obama Likes to Make Monkey Sounds."

And possibly the worst:

DIRTBAGS! All of them. Our WH is now a joke to the rest of the world. We have no respect and this is not going to turn out well, mark my words. We will be hit, and much worse than last time. We are now seen as weak and vulnerable. Ghetto and Chicago thugs have taken over the WH.

Certainly the lamest:

And quit picking on little Chacha & Malaria.

Remember, people, keep repeating: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of...

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