Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Americans And Same -Sex Marriage: Hearts Are Running To The Left, While Money Is Veering To The Right! The Far, Far RIGHT!

So, the way to win?

Never Give Up!
And in the process:


A while ago, we wrote about how the Southern Poverty Law Center sued the Ku Klux Klan and, in the process bankrupted them.

Now, from Pam's House Blend:

From Columbia News (of Columbia University):
Interest groups and voters opposed to marriage equality and other non-discrimination policies have influence far beyond their relative share of a state’s population. They can block equality measures even when there is a significant majority favoring them.
The only truly effective way for us to best the Christofascists against human rights: make every campaign cost them MUCHO BUCKS! And that doesn't necessarily mean we have to spend a lot of money, either. One press release that discredits them, for example, can cause them to make an expensive commercial in defense. And when you get them on their defense, the money will have to flow quicker on their side than yours.

Find out ways to make them pay for their bigotry. Sue them - every time. Make them defensive and (eventually) defenseless. Don't just picket businesses, but pull out the pro-bono lawyers and use them to hammer away at them and their holy reputations. Make them bankrupt through legal fees alone. And if they work through a conservative "legal defense" non-profit, it's probably one of Regent University's (i.e., Pat Robertson's) fourth tier alimni. Looking at every one of them as a Monica Goodling , you'll be able to break through to, at the very least, a pocket-emptying settlement.

Remember, nothing breaks up a group of bigots better than a lack of money.

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