Sunday, June 7, 2009


Unless You Have A Kinky Taste For Hypocrisy.

I wonder when this video was produced. It has Alan Colmes in it. He left Fox a while ago. And how "fair and balanced" could the Fox Nation be if they're supported by Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove? KARL ROVE!! More below the video.

It must have been very, very cold in the studios that day with such a snow job: Glen Beck trying desperately to look sincere, Mike Huckabee chiming in for his worthless two cents; Geraldo Rivera still trying to deflect the memory of "Al Capone's Vaults;" Greta Van Sustern talking through the side of her mouth (as usual); Sean Hannity emitting his Irish Catholic-ness to the max, Bill O'Reilly thinking the video was somehow about him; Geraldine Ferraro looking like she doesn't know (or care) which studio she was in; Ollie North being...Ollie North.

And notice how the point of "immigration" was handled. If you're "fair and unbalanced" no hint of public policy should have been made at all.

And the invitation to "everyone"? Pulleees! The ad makes this appeal to the "patriotic-American-only" right wing. I expected Ann Coulter(geist) to start singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Or at least have Michelle Malkin screaming "there are no such things as Asian-Americans."

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