Thursday, June 18, 2009

Roadrunner and Obama: Look Out For Rev. Wiley (Coyote) Drake's Wrath!!

Someone Tell This Guy That
Voodoo Dolls Are More Effective!

The Drudge Retort:

Last week, Rev. Wiley Drake of First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, CA, declared the murder of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller answered his "imprecatory" prayers. Now, he's announced a similar prayer of death for President Barack Obama. "if people don't like that, they need to talk to God," Drake told Alan Colmes on his radio show.

Asked if there are others for whom Drake is praying "imprecatory prayer" in addition to Tiller, Drake hesitated before answering that there are several. "The usurper that is in the White House is one, B. Hussein Obama," he said.

Colmes later pressed Drake to ensure he had heard the preacher right.

"Are you praying for his death?" Colmes asked.

"Yes," Drake replied.

"So you're praying for the death of the president of the United States?"


I looked up the words "imprecatory prayer" in wikipedia. In short, it's a curse and akin to voodoo. Wiley (Coyote) probably uses it because it sounded more "Biblical" than "hex", "curse" or "evil eye." I also looked up "Rev." Drake on wikipedia.:
California-based Southern Baptist minister and radio host. He was the vice-presidential candidate for the America's Independent Party ticket in 2008, and the second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2006-2007

In his bio, there is nothing about his ministerial call or where he matriculated. Maybe, like Fred Phelps, he simply got his "Doctor of Divinity" out of a box of Cracker Jack.

The Southern Baptist Convention is desperately trying to "distance" itself from "Rev." Drake with a flurry of "don't look at us" press releases. Call up their offices and you'll just get "Drake who?" But since he was a former vice president of SBC, they won't be able to distance themselves very much. And he's just the kind of dimwitted Christofascist they need to march in their army in the culture war. The problem was that he started to think that he was more like his namesake (Wile E. Coyote) in pursuit of Obama the Roadrunner.

Oh, AND he has a radio show. Let's hope that either his listeners have a cumulative I.Q. above that of a dead flashlight battery (scratch that hope) or that he doesn't have any listeners. I certainly hope that members of Christian Identity don't listen.

But the real victims in his attempted assassination are the residents of Buena Park, CA. They're probably wondering if they're on the pastor's "hit list to God." And there's irony here, folks, because Buena Vista lies next to "The Happiest Place On Earth" in Annaheim, CA. (Psst - he campaigned against Disneyland, too, because it hosted a special "gay day!")

Micha Jaystone - Seattle Humanist Examiner:

How deep is the hate emanating from the Christian right? How many good Christians are praying for the death of our President? And aren't those prayers a tacit endorsement of the political assassination of President Barack Obama?

Every American should be alarmed by this threat from within.

Unfortunately, Micha, Wiley (Coyote) Drake is just the tip of the Christofascist iceberg.

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