Friday, June 5, 2009

The Power Of The Bloviating Blimp: Hot Air

If al-Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they better hurry because Obama is beating them to it. He wants to impose his values on America. He is running around apologizing for the country. Sean, I’m telling you this guy has grown up, he was taught that there is something inherently immoral and unjust about America. And now that he leads it, he thinks it’s great. Finally America’s moral, finally America’s just, and it’s his duty to run around the world and apologize because he thinks, he’s been taught that everybody around the world hates us and doesn’t like us to the degree that he doesn’t like us.

- Rush Limbaugh on Hannity.

I put the quote in purple because Limbaugh's statement is as purple as prose can get. Comparing President Barack Obama to al-Qaeda is as treasonable as Limbaugh can get without telling people that they should bomb the White House.

What Rush Limbaugh is negating is the fact that people DID hate us before the election of Obama. Pope John Paul II chastised Bush to his face about invading Iraq. Since the Great Diplomatic Dimwit decided that no diplomacy was just as good as diplomacy, people took a hard cold look at America and saw a president who, when he landed on foreign soil, didn't know what country he was in. He didn't know Iraq, Hussein, Shiites or Muslims. He only knew that he wanted to invade a country - any country. He wanted to be a better war president than his daddy. He hammered at Iraq YEARS before we invaded. The moment he took office, the United Nations proclaimed us a "rogue nation." They knew something that the American public didn't.

In 2006, Pew Research released data that showed how much approval of America and Americans plummeted

David Gordis, Atlantic Monthly (HT Andrew Sullivan):

The real news is that contrary to what many expected, or feared, President Obama assumed positions virtually identical to those of Israel’s political center –- namely, that the Palestinians must renounce violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist, while Israel must cease settlement building and permit a Palestinian state to arise.

Rush Limbaugh loves politicians. He hates statesmen. He especially hates intelligent statesmen. Barack Obama is a statesman, ergo, Rush Limbaugh hates Barack Obama. From the very scent of Obama becoming President, Limbaugh knew that he needed to speak louder, wilder, more ferociously. He had to play on the American public's suspicious nature reserved almost exclusively for intellectuals and people with I.Q. higher than that of a dead flashlight battery.

Limbaugh and his world will eventually explode without a shred of dignity to be seen for miles. The problem we now have is: how many victims of "the boss" will Limbaugh take with him when he goes down? Who knows?

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