Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Military Knows: Tattoos That Love To Kill

The fuzzy schematic to the right (sorry - my graphic skills are terrible at 3AM!) shows the procedure the military must take if the enlistee has a tattoo.

Asking about one's tattoos must be awkward to say the least: "And what the f*ck is THAT one?" An officer might have to flip through hundreds of pages of tattoo design to determine if it's considered "extremist."

From Crooks and Liars:

Army regulations prohibit soldiers from participating in racist groups, and recruiters are instructed to keep an eye out for suspicious tattoos. Before signing on the dotted line, enlistees are required to explain any tattoos. At a Tampa recruitment office, though, Fogarty sailed right through the signup process. "They just told me to write an explanation of each tattoo, and I made up some stuff, and that was that," he says. Soon he was posted to Fort Stewart in Georgia, where he became part of the 3rd Infantry Division.

In 2003, Fogarty was sent to Iraq. For two years he served in the military police, escorting officers, including generals, around the hostile country. He says he was granted top-secret clearance and access to battle plans. Fogarty speaks with regret that he "never had any kill counts." But he says his time in Iraq increased his racist resolve.

For a reference on hate group tattoos, click HERE.

Of course, some recruiters or boot camp officers "overlook" the ink. After all, they have a quota to reach.

Below is a small sampling of racist/Neo Nazi and gang tattoos. There are literally hundred of designs worn by thousands of guy seeking to identify with a particular hate group.

If you thought tattoos were really pretty markings with little or no meaning, then you'd better rethink your tattoo philosophy.

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