Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybe We Should Chemically Castrate All The Coaches and Guidance Counselors

Christofascists: They're always looking for some

So gays are just an "annoying, perverted part of biology, entirely worthless."

Picked up From Pam's House Blend who picked it up somewhere....:

I]s chemical castration an option for LDS gays? I mean, if you're faithful LDS & accept that for whatever reason the Lord has put you on Earth as a "eunuch" (best case, if you can stay strong), why should you have to struggle with incessant thoughts that are not just inappropriate now, but will be inappropriate in the next life, too, only serve to pervert any desires to have children in a celestial relationship in the next life. There is zero point to having homosexual thoughts, it's not as though they're a normal part of the procreation process - they're just an annoying, perverted form of biology, entirely worthless.
...and a kernel of a solution from Pat Robertson:
He's your son; ... You owe him, you know, advice and counsel and guidance. You're his parent. First of all, you didn't say how old he is. Secondly, I am not at all persuaded that so-called homosexuals are homosexuals because of biological problems. There may be a very few, but there are so many that have been made homosexuals because of a coach or a guidance counselor or some other male figure who has abused them and they think there's something wrong with their sexuality.

Interesting: for Hitler's eugenics programs, men were castrated. They must have wanted better singers for Wagner's operas!

The above two should get together, then after all the guidance counselors and athletic coaches have been chemically castrated, they can start on the really serious stuff: Boy Scout leaders, marriage counselors, fast-food managers and all of the Muppets (except Gonzo, because, let's face it, we don't really know what he is!).

Now just think of these two on the same school board.

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