Friday, June 26, 2009

Jackson and Fawcett: What Becomes Two Icons Most?

For Some It's Their Luminous Lives, But For Some...
It's Their DEATH

Laura Baron, Chicago News:

Celebrity death is big business. We live in a tabloid generation that's consumed by it –- death of celebritys' relationships, sobriety, financial security, etc. Millions of people subscribe to and support publications dishing that brand of celebrity smut. Farrah Fawcett-Majors and Michael Jackson were two very famous people with two vastly different personalities, yet they will be joined together by a national addiction: exploitation. The proof of this may come in a matter of days. Hell, it may even come in a matter of minutes: it will be interesting to see who puts out the t-shirts first, whose book sales skyrocket, which publisher can cobble together a book faster, which celebrity can first sponsor a "tribute," and even which company can start manufacturing the Halloween costumes first. It is now 2:03 AM (PT). Cafe Press, the online store for outrageous t-shits that you can "make yourself" already has a "I will always love Farrah" t-shirt along with a "My Kool Jack Son 1958-2009" . How many hours have past? What superior brains thought up these money-making schemes?

Tabloid headlines will be planned out for the next six months. Even the people who denegrated them will be acting fast to cash in on the first wave of mourners and detrators. The Christian Right will be spouting it's generic sermons of: "Farah only realized in her last hours that beauty was only skin deep. We hope she came to the realization that only God matters." "Michael Jackson was a sad, talented, confused person who never prayed. We should hope that he made his peace with God before then."
We just got our hands on a letter Ryan O'Neal's lawyer fired off to the guy who ran a Farrah Fawcett website, demanding that he stop pretending it's her official site and then asking for money.
Greg Lott -- who claims to have been Farrah's high school sweetheart -- has been writing brutal posts about Ryan, claiming he's been running around with other women while Farrah was sick and making all sorts of drug allegations.

And the articles, quips. digs, and even lionization will continue for Jackson.

Too bad the exploitation business will got on and on while its victims are being portrayed in whatever light it chooses.

Manipulation and exploitation by the media are like cockroaches as they, and they alone, will survive Amargeddon.

Just a thought

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