Wednesday, May 27, 2009

THEY CAME FROM OUTER SPACE: Those "Protect Marriage" Monsters!

Take A Deep Breath, Calm Down
...And Let The Stupidity Unfold

Hatred is man's dumbest emotion. It's useless. It's anti-survival. It never really accomplishes anything (especially by itself). But some people are addicted to hatred. It may be difficult to feel sorry for them, but living a life fueled by hatred is living a useless life. And a pretty dumb one too. Yesterday, the California Supreme Court overwhelmingly supported the legality of a statewide proposition to amend the state's constitution. They also supported the legality of the 18,000 same-sex marriages performed before the proposition passed. The PM ("Protect Marriage") people are not satisfied. They were hoping for a complete bloodbath: they wanted 18,000 demonspawn to suffer and suffer big time.

From Capitol Resource Institute:
“The court placed our state in this untenable situation by allowing almost 18,000 homosexual couples to marry last summer, before Proposition 8 was approved by voters,” stated England. “Legally, these marriages cannot be valid. The constitution clearly states that only man-woman marriage is valid or recognized in California. The court has undermined its own authority by allowing these faux marriages to stand.”
"Faux Marriages." Kinda like the "Faux News" from Rupert Murdoch that gets piped into them intravenously (actually through the eyes and ears - very painful).
To some people, the court really DID put the Christofascists in a weird position: in their decision, they stripped the proposition down to the word "marriage" and expressly said that Prop 8 does not deny gays any of their rights protected by the State of California. Several respondents to Andrew Sullivan's blog may have worded their sentiments oddly, but many people see this as a victory for gay rights. The Court basically said: "BFD, you can pass an amendment defining the word "marriage", but you can't take away legal rights. And those marriages performed before the passing of Prop 8 were legal.

In a way, the PMs overplayed their hand in demanding that those 18,000 souls suffer. Whatever people thought about them before, they now realize just what a bunch of bloodthirsty fiends the PMs are:
  • They imported people and money from out of the state to change the Constitution of the State of California.
  • They tried to extort money from "No on Prop 8" donors.
  • They attempted to eradicate the rights of all lesbians and gays residing in California.
  • They viciously portrayed lesbians and gays as "outcasts" and "perverts" who have the radical agenda of making their children gay.
  • Their agenda included ruining the lives of couples who love each other.
So what happens now?

Fasten your seatbelts.


TAKA LAKA said...

hahaha, I couldn't agree more with your post man.

I never got the point of "protecting marriage".

Oh, and don't forget that PM claimed bunch of BS about if Prop 8 doesn't pass. Like teaching gay and lesbian's belief to kids or exempt church tax. It was smart move made by them, but it was bs.

Lets hope that U.S. Supreme Court will do something about this.

Anonymous said...

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